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We have the most trustful password generator which is random password generator and strong password generator and we make sure your password does not leak. For your help, we have given few points to secure yourself from being hacked. If you don't want your password to be hacked by any attack method or brute force here are the following things you must not avoid at any cost:

  1. If you have multiple accounts don't use same important questions, password or security questions for all
  2. Use at least one symbol, one lowercase letter, one uppercase letter, and one number in your password
  3. Avoid using any family, friends or pet names in password
  4. Try not to use any personal number like date of birth, phone number or identity card number etc
  5. Try not to use a random word in password
  6. Don't use same words or characters for two different passwords like ilovechocolate and ilovechocolateshakes, if one is stolen then others are stolen
  7. Don't use anything that can be cloned try to use your fingerprints as your password
  8. Try not to save your passwords on web browsers
  9. Try not to use your important ids by using the public internet or not log in to your ids on anyone else computer
  10. Try avoiding sending sensitive information through an internet connection or emails
  11. Encrypt your internet connections when you are traveling like you can set up a private VPN on your server
  12. It is very easy to crack a password if the hacker has your MD5 hash and your username, once he has all these on rainbow table no matter how strong you think your password is he is definitely going to steal it anyway.
  13. It is very important to change your password every 8th to 10th week
  14. Try to use any password management software to save your password there or try to remember master passwords for yourself.
  15. Save your passwords on different places, so if you forget your password you can easily get it from the stored location
  16. If 2 step authentication is available please turn it on and try it for sure
  17. Don't use the cloud as your password storage ever
  18. Check the website before using it through Alexa because now days many phishing sites are available and you can lose your passwords to them easily, try to bookmark important websites
  19. Use firewalls on your machine. You can even use ant viruses. You can block all unnecessary outgoing and incoming connections. Don't download every other software and download from well-known sites only.
  20. Keep your web browsers, operating systems on all your devices up to date and their latest security updates too
  21. If you feel unsafe you can use cameras and keyloggers on your system if you want to secure some important files
  22. Change layout of your passwords every time, if you have wifi at your home it is possible for your neighbours to know your passwords the reason is when you move your fingers and hands that waves of wifi changes their frequency in this way hackers can easily know your password
  23. Always try to save your gadgets by locking them
  24. Destroy your previous hardware when you plan to move to the new one and when you use new hardware don't forget to use LUKs or any other similar tool to encrypt the hard drive
  25. Always use incognito mode or any private mode to access your important websites. You can even use one web browser to use important websites and other browsers for other non-important websites.
  26. Always have more than three websites, one you can use for you unnecessary websites, second you can use for your important mails and third in case the second gets hacked you can use the third to retrieve your password
  27. Try to use two phone numbers for your passwords and never tell anyone the phone number you get your verification codes etc on
  28. Try to differentiate between fake and real emails and text messages. Don't open the links provided in them and don't change the password if they ask you to unless you are completely sure about them.
  29. Never mention your passwords in the email
  30. Try not to download apps etc and use on page apps as they are more secure
  31. When you use online screenshot tools or any online paste tools to keep yourself secure and do not let them upload your passwords anywhere or even cloud
  32. If you develop software's then before publishing it sign an update package by using GnuPG key or verify the previous published public key signature
  33. If you have an online business you can keep it safe by registering your domain name by yourself make an account with same domain name. by this, you can secure all your contacts and you can host your server anywhere thus email provider won't be able to disable your account
  34. Use a virtual credit card when doing online shopping if the website only allows shopping with a card
  35. Cookies can damage your machine and can sneak into your two steps verification passwords easily. It's better to shut your gadget off or at least turn off your webs browsers in this way they won't be able to use cookies to get into any of your accounts and keep on cleaning and removing cookies from your machine occasionally
  36. Bad SSL certificates also make your machine insecure you can remove them by not accepting them and make sure your machine integrity and confidentiality is not hurt or damaged of the HTTPS connections
  37. It is possible to access your documents in the hiberfil.sys files and pagefile.sys thus you need to encrypt your complete system partition or you can disable hibernation function or pagefile function
  38. Install prevention software or intrusion detection software to prevent brute attacks to your system, VPS servers, cloud servers or dedicated servers.

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